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An interesting question about eggs

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    So while i was cooking my eggs this morning for breakfast, some interesting questions dawned on me.

    Are eggs a liquid or a solid and more interestingly, why do they become a solid when they are heated up?

    If eggs are a liquid, why don't they change into a gas? If they are a solid why don't they change into a liquid?
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    An overview:

    Molecular level (video):

    and wiki: Denaturation (like your boiling eggs)
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    Hmm so proteins form a helix due to hydrogen bonding among other things.

    So when the proteins are denatured, they form a solid state by bonding with ##H_2O## molecules.

    This is some really interesting stuff. I never knew eggs were so complicated (relatively). When I first thought about it I was like "oh no! a contradiction to the KMT", but now I see how it works.

    Thank you for providing that very informative video :)
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    There are two types of secondary structure:
    α-Helix and β-pleated sheet:
    The different levels of structures are:
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