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An interesting story

  1. Jun 10, 2004 #1
    Hello everyone, for those of you who recall, I posted earlier about having problems with my power supply...well i fixed, and here is how...

    I recall hearing grinding sounds from my pc, and I figured my power supply was screwed up, so I researched, and found a new power supply in an advertisement.

    But I looked closer at my pc (opened it up, stuck my ear in) and I found that the sickening sound was in fact coming from the cpu fan.

    So I went to Radio Shack, and bought a new power supply ($30 CND!!) But when I installed that I still heard the sickening sound, but now my monitor was displaying a black screen of nothingness upon startup.

    So I tried it on my other monitor to find that the same screen appeared.

    After painful observations (sticking my ear in my pc again, but near the fan :biggrin: ), I realized that my graphics card had a fan, and this fan was located about an inch or two from my processor fan.

    I realized that my graphics card manufacturer (ATI) are a bunch of disillusioned jerks who think that making there customers pay for phone support will encourage them to buy their products (ahem I now dislike ati greatly). But fortunately I decided to open up the fan, cover it with 3 in 1 oil, and plug everything back in.

    After this my computer started working again, and here I am with a fixed pc, and a receipt for a cpu fan which will be used tomorow to get my money back.

    But the twist to this story of frustration, and despair??
    When i opened up my processor fan I found that the "PENTIUM 4" which was advertised when i purshased my pc was not present!!! IT WAS A FRIGGING AMD CRAPCHIP!!!!!!!!!!

    that is my rant, if ever you have problems with fans, or graphics cards, or monit...anything, plz pm me for help lol

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    I had a computer that got a noisy fan. Finally, the fan got to where it hardly ever turned. That computer kept on operating, so I guess the cooling system was superfluous.
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    AMD crapchip? What's wrong with AMD CPUs?

    It is pretty bad though, that you were sold something that was not what it was advertised as. Where did you buy it from? Was it second-hand from someone else, or from a supposedly "reputable" retail store?

    Just for future reference, if you right-click on "My Computer" (assuming you're using Windows) and click on "Properties", it should tell you some basic information about your system, including what processor you're using. You can get plenty of programs that will tell you a lot of detailed information about your system too.

    Glad you managed to fix your PC anyway, and hopefully you won't have any problems getting your money back for the fan either.
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