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A An Intro to Time Tech

  1. Feb 1, 2017 #1
    An Intro to Time Tech

    Imagine that a long time ago there was a piece of energy, a parlif, that was moving in a circle very quickly. It was also changing size, growing large when at the top of the circle, then small to the bottom, where it would come unbound to grow agian. While at the bottom it would also slow a bit, twice in a row, trying to exist in the same place twice. A forlorn hope because it couldn't change directions on the circle, but it tried and tried.

    The space gets cluttered, more and more cluttered, but the parlif keeps trying, and using the clutter to advance towards it’s goal. Finally the parlif has become you. Not only firing neurons, beginning the pulse down each axon, by attempting the micro-impossible at each neuron in turn, (probably by now done in 3 different ways, and running on 2 cylinders, best guess, ... ). but also the parlifs’ cycle is evident in your daily routine . Growing while you're awake, shrinking while asleep and unbound while you dream.

    Suppose you're looking at a picture you've seen before and, though any firing would do, lets look at he first neuron to fire in the cascade that produces the sensation that you've seen something before. That neuron fires for different reason then the previous neuron. If you could visualize the path the parlif took from the beginning, forming matter, gravity, fusion, evolution, conception, growth, neurons firing as a response to the stimulus of photons coming off the picture, till boom, a neuron fires because a memory is accessed. If you could visualize the path the parlif took forward, well, that would be time, but also you could then visualize that same path in reverse, essentially enabling the parlif to go backwards on the circle and achieve its’ goal, arriving at that original place twice. (To at the very least drop off the extra cylinder you’ve picked up along the way.)

    Also, the dream and the future are both quite fluid but can be connected. There is a way to count your fingers slowly, as a child in the womb might, unfamiliar with their hands and allowing the tips of all five fingers on the one hand to stroke in turn each individual finger on the other hand. If you never stroke your fingers that way agian until you dream of it, and upon awakening from the dream you then do it then, the dream and what for it was the future will become attached. From then on you will have dreams of the future.
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