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An introduction, as suggested

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    Hello , I am new to this forum , I came seeking knowledge . will post when I am able , In threads where my input may be of assistance. I will attempt to leave theory out ;If at all possible. unless of course, the subject is of theory. or theory is of importance in the understanding to the subject at hand.
    Thank you for allowing me in . My background is in theoretical physics and mechanical engineering. I work in a mechanical field where practical application of theory tests the limits at times. I build high performance motorcycle engines and associated components thereof. mostly I just repair and maintain choppers. yes I work as a motorcycle mechanic. it is what I enjoy . almost as much as riding them. I do however, truly enjoy testing the limits of the machine and its components quite often I find them and extend the limits to another plane. But its all been done before; its just fun breaking things . please pardon my punctuation and grammar . I do not write for a living and graduated many moons ago. so I am a little rusty. well ok, a lot rusty
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    Welcome to PF!
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