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An Introduction

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    Hi, i am student in university and seeing as how i have some trouble with some of the courses i am in i figured why not talk to people about it discuss some topics and maybe even make new friends. Whenever i would search any related science topic i would always come across this site and i would look through the forums and surprisingly the conversation and replies were always interesting and always made me think. I am excited to be a part of this community and hope to some day reciprocate any knowledge that i learned along the way.
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    Welcome to PF yoooosam! You've come to the right place!
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    Hi, greg Bernhardt nice to meet you !
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    Greetings yoooosam

    Welcome to PF. Yup the site covers a wide range of physics topic ... it has been a wonderful education in the years I have been here

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    Hi, davenn nice to meet u
    the site does look great and i am very excited to see all of its features
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    Hi my friends. I hope that I am doing this right. I have interest in aeronautical engineering.
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    Where and how do I ask a question? I'm a dummy.
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    Hi I'm Addson. I am ineterested in Science, especially in physics. Currently, I am engineer, I am doing some research in my spare time. And I did an experiment. I will make it public when the time is right.
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