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An introduction

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    I finally decided to create an account for myself after lurking for a while.

    Hi, I'm Jason. I'm 28 and currently student teaching in a high school physics class. I graduate at the end of April with a degree in Physics Education. I've been watching these boards for a while, just for general interest as well as in the homework help section. The people there are really good at asking questions of people that seek help and letting them figure it out for themselves, instead of just giving them the answers. That's a skill I'd like to develop, so here I finally am.

    Currently, my interest in physics lies in education research. I'd eventually like to get a graduate degree and work in teacher education specific to physics (or maybe other science) teachers. There's not really any one other thing that's piqued my interest quite like education has.
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    I also really value PF for helping me refine my teaching skills - some questions really make me re-evaluate my own understandings as well.

    I know a few people who have done physics education research/PhDs - I think it's a really interesting area, and certainly one where there is plenty of room for new ideas.
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