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An Introduction

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    Hello all. I'm a retired Electrical Engineer graduated from University of MO-Rolla many years ago, with 8 credit hours short of a second degree in Physics and 4 hours short of another degree in Mathematics, following 4 yrs of US Navy Avionics Technician. I much preferred Electrical Engineering and particularly the applications of Physics and Electromagnetism.

    I've worked in aircraft applications, communications, industrial computerized and control systems research and development, mining, metals manufacturing, oil & gas refining, the lumber and paper industries, electrical generation and distribution, research and developmental projects and a few tangential areas such as a short term College teaching position in Introductory Physics and Electromagnetism Basics and development of 4 yr Electrical/Electronic Technician Apprenticeship-Training Programs.

    At the time of my graduation, the half-life of an Electrical Engineering degree was approximately 2 yrs which has led me to a permanent addiction to continued education. This Forum entices me to participate in order to continue feeding that need. Thank you for allowing me to participate.
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    Welcome to the forum Zemphamy! Gee, I've actually been to Rolla, MO, went there years ago to see a client. Small world.
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    Welcome from a fellow EE (which I last practiced some time in the early '80's)
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    Thanks for the welcome. It seems that Rolla connects quite a bit of the technical, engineering, and research population.
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    Thanks for the kind greeting. EE's seem to be a popular group.
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