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An object and two lenses - Is this right?

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    ok have a look at the pdiagram i drew

    the thing in the middle is a convex thin lens and to the right is a concave mirror. The arrow on the left stands for the object, the object is placed at 2F1. The convex lens to cancave mirro length is 2(f1 + f2)
    Find the location of the nature and relative size of the image seen by an eye looking to the mirror throught hte lens.

    Now the image will be formed at 2F1 and will be inverted.
    For the concave mirror the image will be formed at i using this formula
    [tex] \frac{1}{p} + \frac{1}{i} = \frac{1}{f} [/tex]

    an upriught image will be formed at 2f. Now this image will go back through the lens and form an inverted image at 2f1 of twice the size because the oncave mirror magnified it by using m = -i / p .

    is this right?? do tell !! :smile:
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    where's the diagram
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