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An observation: About Ufologists

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    Ivan Seeking

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    A number of meetings with fellow UFO enthusiasts [academic types, not people wearing antennas] have brought to light an interesting fact about human nature. Even though each of has our own ideas about what's going on with UFOs, and even though we enjoy meeting and discussing the cases and recent papers, I have noticed that whenever we cross swords, we view each other with a cynical eye. To the point that we agree, we all smile and consider how uninformed or irrational the debunkers are. When we disagree, we all look at each other with great suspicion. :rofl: Its funny when you think about it, but perhaps UFO people are really no more open to new ideas than anyone else. New ideas are still met with automatic dismissals with hardly any thought given - the very same thing that we all get so annoyed with in skeptics and debunkers. I have seen it in myself and others.

    The same thing happens with ghost stories. I know what Tsu and I experienced. I don't know what it was, but I know what happened. When I hear others telling similar stories, my gut reaction is, "ah, bull". It doesn't stick, but its there. Perhaps if it weren't for our experience I would still think it's all bull.
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    Intereseting observation, Ivan! I think the extrapolation to the wider phenomena of this being an all too human attribute merits much study, especially for those of us who decided to take seriously that old greek jingo: "Know thyself"! One can see this kind of behavoir in many areas and the posture of descrediting seems to be a prerogative in those ensuing battles. The sad part is that as a method for ascertaining the truth of something this seems to be quite counterproductive and instead of creating clarity this behavoir makes things very unclear. But such is the fact of being human!

    HEY, D'YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT ALIEN BOY!?! :rofl: (just kidding ivan!)
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    It's just your inner scientist asserting itself. Humans by nature distrust reports of unusual events, and such doubts prove well founded in most cases. Perception is a tricky thing and can lead to conclusions that, while sincerely motivated, are just plain wrong. Blame it on the temple priests. Our ancient ancestors finally deduced that if tossing hapless peasants into the volcano pleased the gods, they would be tickled pink to get an occasional priest. The priests thereafter acquired a more liberal interpretation of sacrificial protocols - a few coins from your purse will do just fine in most cases.
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    When you ask the right questions, you will get logical errors from anyone :wink:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I find the same is true of politics.

    I am the first to admit that in addition to serious people like myself, the subject attracts all sorts. Also, who said that you were talking to a "Ufologist"; the guy with the antennas on his head? Probably more than most subjects, a good source is critical. Likewise, for every UFO nut, I'll bet that I can find a nut with a theory for physics.

    Ask away... :smile:
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