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An origin of color

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    I'm wondering why do we have colors? If protons and neutrons are build upon the same particles shouldn't we have one single color? Else, if you put something transparent of for example red color under the beam of light, light will become of the color of the thing you put under, why is it? and how photons absorb color? Walking along the school hallway I just realized that the same light-line you see will be visible from every angle you look, meaning light reflects on the floor in every single place, but yet you see only one steady light beam again why does it happen? Also, why do reflections happen? reflections are just waves of light aren't they? can anyone provide an explanation of reflections?
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    Most your questions will be answered in a high school physics class when you get to optics. If you are impatient, I suggest you pick up a textbook (eg: Resnick & Halliday) from the library and study it yourself.

    Someone could possibly answer all your questions one by one, but without an understanding of the fundamental underlying concepts, I'm afraid that any such knowledge gained will be quite shallow.

    Of better use to you, in my opinion, will be a list of books that you could read to better understand optics. For this, we will need to know your current educational background -(i) What grade are you in?
    (ii) What have you covered in physics so far?
    (iii) What have you learned in math?
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    I suppose here is the topic to ask what is the brown color?
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    The brown color is the signal generated when any of a specific (though infinite) set of spectral distributions hits the retina. In a typical example of such a spectrum the ratio of intensities of Red:Green:Brown is about 4:2:1.
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