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An original game/software/movie/audio cd costs $30

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    Consider this case:
    An original game/software/movie/audio cd costs $30
    A pirated version of the same thing that does not compromise on the quality(since it is obviously copied from the original thing) costs <$2.
    Which one would u chose.
    Of course those in U.S. Europe may buy the original ones since they can afford it.
    But in developing countries where the per capita income is less than 1/10th of the developed. And for example in India $30 would translate into Rs.1500 while $2 would be Rs80 which one would u buy?

    I appreciate the hard work taken by the people who painfully create such masterpieces. But if they dramatically lowered the price atleast to Rs.300($7). defenitely it would be more in reach and the extra benefits in original sofware like technical help, etc would woo people to buy only original. Also I believe their profits would increase since I heard somewhere (in www.daniweb.com a computer forum) that 80% people use pirated software.

    Your views?
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    There are so many reasons to make me believe that what you suggest wouldn't work:

    - Even with lowering prices, people who are not aware of copyright issues will continue to copy for free.

    - It will be a loss for development companies to make such dramatical cuts in price (one fifth lets say). Companies that want to be legal will have to buy the product in spite of its price. The same goes for people that can afford it. I mean that the software companies benefit a lot from other companies and a group of people that do buy the software for exaggerated price.
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    Just keep on pirating. You can also think about free replacements for some software, like open office (for ms office), and gimp (for photoshop), etc.
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