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An ubelievable story

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    :smile: The new book titled "An Unbelievable Story" will be available at barnesandnoble.com in May. It is a book about an aids and cancer cure that was seen in a vision. the website is publishedauthors.net/princekaywood (click on news) the book is also available at publishamerica.com the authors are Prince and Gaynelle kaywood In the Spring of 2001 Gaynelle reaches Prince a piece of Paper that had four herbs written on it. She then tells Prince that these are the herbs that will cure aids and cancer. Prince knows that his wife does not know anything about herbs and medicine, so he thinks that he has finally driven his poor wife mad. It wasn't until prince decides to research the herbs involved, that he himself becomes a believer. Prince finds out that each herb that was written on the piece of paper seem to be an aversary to cancer and aids. They even found out that they were experimenting using one of the herbs underground in San Fransisco to try to find a cure for cancer and aids. This particualr herb, niether Prince, nor Gaynelle, had never heard of in their lives.
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    What cases of AIDS or cancer have these herbs been tested and proven to have cured? I've not heard of any new cures for either.

    Sounds to me like "an unbelievable story".
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    Cynical wisdom: If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
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    Actually it is an 'ubelievable' story, not an 'unbelievable' story. Perhaps that's "über-believable", as in transcending belief (i.e. belief is old hat, to be now thrown into the dustbin of history, etc, etc).
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    An unbelievable story

    The book was titled "An Unbelievable Story" because when we did the research on the four herbs that my wife saw in the vision, we kept saying that this is "unbelievable" we were saying this because each herb seem to be an adversary to cancer and aids. We also tried to contact some pharmaceutical companies, but they would not listen, or believe us. Look at some of the replies on the forum
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    Budah3: I will ask you just one question:
    How many of these herbs belong to Amazon jungle?
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    Reply to amazon jungle

    These herbs are probably in the amazon jungle. One of them originated in Africa, some can be found in the United States, and some are probably growing in your garden
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    And when studies show that herb effect = placiebo (or less) it will be blamed on the pharm industry that they want control over the drug industry.
    The next conspiracy after automotive industry, Roswell,

    What are the herbs?
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    unbelievable story update

    one of the herbs in the book an unbelievable story is now being tested to find a cure for cancer (mint) check an article written july 9th 2004 by BBC news at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1hi/health/3870231.stm [Broken]
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    I clicked on the message link but it did not work try typing in "mint leaf starves cancer to death"
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    Mint? That's your cure for cancer? Unbelievable.
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    what are the other 3 herbs ?
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    Hope i dont get AIDS or cancer cause, damn, i dont like mint at all. :cry:
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    Cancer is caused by a local denaturalization in the base pairs of your DNA in the mitochondria of most cells (especially stem cells). In essence, this means that a gene that normally codes for some mundane characteristic like eye color, gets changed into a gene that codes for growth. That is why cancerous tumors are really just accelerated cell growth (increased mitosis), and the maladies associated with cancer, are these cell growths (tumors) pushing on nerves, arteries, organs, and that in turn is what causes the many afflictions grouped under the general heading of 'cancer'.

    The real question is, what causes these local denaturalizations? The answers are most likely one of the following: Gamma, or X-ray radiation from the sun, or human technology sources; Chemicals like benzene (found in cigarettes) which may chemically attack your DNA; Latent vestigial processes in your genes that should have either been turned on, or turned off, but were not.

    Personally, I believe radiation is the most likely cause, but time will tell.
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