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An Unfortunate Couple

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    I hope this has not already been posted. If not, then enjoy.

    A husband and wife are in the middle of a long rode trip. They run out of gas miles away from any gas station, so the husband leaves his wife in the car with the windows rolled up and the doors locked, and heads off to find the nearest gas station. He returns with a gas can hours later to find his wife's dead body surrounded by pools of blood, and someone else in the car as well. The odd thing is that no windows are broken and the doors are still locked (In a car set where one can't unlock it from the inside.)
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    He was already in the car to begin with. He hid inside as they were getting into the car and laid in wait until the opportunity arose to kill the women unawares.

    Excellent riddle by the way!
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    That would make it way too easy. Clever, nice try, but no. this requires even more thinking out of the box.
    P.S. I was not able to get it. I had one friend who answered it correctly, but I think I made it to easy with the wording.

    Spoiler is written backwards below this line.

    Answer: htribdlihc ni deid dna tnangerp saw ehs
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    The stupid husband left the keys dangling from one of the door locks.
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    For what it's worth, I did figure it out myself. However, I point out that ichewyou's answer is the same as Megasundanto's answer.
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    The man entered the car through quantum tunneling. But on their way out (using the same quantum tunneling), they got cut by the glass and died. Very unfortunate couple :(
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    Looking back on it now, I see a part of the specks that I forgot to add. When I first heard this one, it was made certain that there was no one unexpected in the car for the entire duration of the trip. ( Though the baby was born unexpectedly, his presence was not.) Sorry, it would have been much more enjoyable if I did not mess up the intro.
    The general reply I get with this one is that there was a crook in the back seat or something. That would just make it way to predictable and a fairly boring riddle, which I fear I have posted due to my unspecific criteria.

    Ichewyou was correct in saying that he was already in the car to begin with, but the answer lacks the overall concept which gave it the fairly bazaar quality to be a repeatable riddle. I acknowledge the cleverness, but I do say it was far from verbatim in regards to the correct answer.

    I also realize though, that my vague list of guidelines created the possibility of many loop holes; thus, allowing multiple answers which could possibly be correct, but are not, considering my original plan of the riddle.

    In conclusion, if one decides to use this riddle, make sure to not do as I did, but to create strict rules which allow only the scenario of death in childbirth as the only answer. Unless you just want to change the nature of the puzzle.
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