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Anaerobic Respiration Related Question

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    I’m new here and I have a few questions about anaerobic respiration.

    Recently in Biology class we went over glycolysis using the fuel molecule glucose to understand and grasp what is happening in each stage. Generally after glycolysis is complete with glucose there is pyruvic acid, which goes in to Krebs cycle, etc. But in anaerobic respiration it only goes through glycolysis and then pyruvic acid goes directly to forming in some cases ethanol or lactic acid, etc. This interested me and this is the basis of my question. Say for example we have 2 fermentation test tubes with yeast cultures. One of the test tubes contains the monosaccharide glucose and the second test tube contains another monosaccharide ribose.

    Would both test tubes create ethanol and carbon dioxide?

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    Ribose is usally not used as a carbon source. Ribose is mainly utilized by organism in the biosynthesis of nucleic acid precursors and nucleotide coenzymes. However, ribose can be used to produce glycose but the metabolism is slow. Also when grown in the presence of ribose, fermentation does not occur.

    To answer your question, only the glucose will produce ethanol and carbon dioxide.
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