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Anaerobic Respiration

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    I was wondering if anyone could help me with this please and thank you. This is for a gr.12 university bio course btw.

    Lactic Acid Fermentation:
    After glycolysis occurs, the two ___a___ molecules receive ___b___ molecules from ___c___, creating ___d___. ___e___ can be converted back into ___f___ in the ___g___. The ___h___ can then enter the ___i___ ___j___ and cellular respiration can proceed.

    Ethanol Fermentation:
    After glycolysis occurs, the two ___k___ molecules lose a ___l___ molecule, creating ___m___. The ___n___ combines with ___o___ to create ___p___. ___q___ receives a ___r___ atom from ___s___, resulting in the production of ___t___.

    Here are my answers so far, which may or may not be correct:
    a) pyruvate
    b) H+ (hydrogen)
    c) NADH
    d) lactate
    e) NADH
    f) NAD+
    i/j) Krebs Cycle? *maybe?

    k) pyruvate
    t) ethanol

    I am pretty sure the other words of ethanol fermentation must have: acetaldehyde, NADH, carbon (L?), etc.. but can't figure out the right order. I know what happens, such as pyruvate loses carbon and oxygen which form together to make CO2 which is then removed from pyruvate to create acetaldehyde, and so forth. But again, putting the words in the right blank is the tough part.

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