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Anaerobic Respiration

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    Uh, how fast does anaerobic respiration produce ATP in terms of time in second for the reactions to carry out, and how much glucose is needed? If someone could show me the formula it would be cool too. Thanks!
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    jim mcnamara

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    'How fast' isn't simple. Respiration rates are generally temperature dominated. And the temperature regimes are different for different species.
    As an old general rule of thumb there is the idea of "Q10" - for every 10 degree increase in environmental temperature, the rate of respiration doubles. However extremophiles may be able to undergo respiration at temperatures other species simply shutdown:
    -> near freezing
    -> temperatures above 150C - Chlorella, an alga from hot springs, is an an example.

    The point being that there is no one single best temperature for repiration for all species.

    This kinda sounds like homework. And this is the wrong forum for that. What is the reason you asked the question? Maybe that will help.
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    @fredreload -- this post is enough like schoolwork that it should have been posted in the Homework Help fourms, and you need to fill out the Homework Help Template to show your work. This thread is now locked. Please re-post your question in the HH forums according to the PF rules (see INFO at the top of the page).
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