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Anagram Puzzles

  1. Feb 3, 2010 #1
    A Brief Conversation Overheard on a Side Street in Bedlam's Bazaar:

    Apprentice: My Puzzlemaster needs an anagram for the phrase "Iowa Hawkeyes".
    Wishmaster: What do you have to barter with for such a noble petition?
    Apprentice: For your wicked amusement I am authorized to offer you

    One who is gullible and One who is seedy, and
    One who is fallible and One who is greedy.

    Wishmaster: Equivocate you may, Puzzleboy, but those Four culprits, if but One politician, are hardly worth a sizable wish.
    Apprentice: Okay, a wee wish.
    Wishmaster: Granted.

    How did the Wishmaster fulfill the Puzzlemaster's request?
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    Iowa Hawkeyes -> Okay, a wee wish
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    When I asked my Granama Margana questions she always answered with an anagram of "Nebraska."

    • What is the worst meal for 40 days and nights at sea?
    • Where do ear lobes draw the greatest interest?
    • What happened to the skinny dipper that got a cramp?
    • How does a city prevent mountainous leaf piles in Autumn?
    • How do country folk get advice for rural farm life?
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