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Analog audio bulk wire

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    Does anyone happen to know where I can purchase dual pair audio wire for use with rca connectors. In the event that you are puzzled I'm speaking of the audio cable like the one you have to connect your dvd player to your television, but without the connectors. I can only seem to find single pair cables from belden. there are some with dual pair but in the same sleeve (i want them in separate sleeves.
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    With RCA connectors, aren't you talking about coaxial cable?
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    No, I dont' want cable with rca connectors, I'm going to build my own cable. I have the connectors already.
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    try parts express or mcm
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    Note that your RCA connectors have 2 pins. The one going to the center pin is for the signal, the other goes to the outer sleeve is for the shield. Thus you need (or at least should use) co axial cable with RCA connectors. A co axial cable has a center condutor for the signal and an outer shield cable which is connected to ground, providing isolation for the signal.
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    Well if I could use coaxial cable for sound then that would be good, the whole thing is that i'm just trying to find something to use. on most of the sites they never list audio applications for their coaxial cables, it is usually video. I'm looking to make cables for interconnecting inputs and outputs in devices and also Y connectors.
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    Just a thought, If all you want is the cable minus the connectors couldnt you just cut the connectors off and use the cable?
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    I'm making a professional cable right, so I can't go with the common stuff that you find in those ordinary rca cables. i already have neutrik gold plated connectors that cost more than these cables. I don't want to go with inferior cable that would make those connectors pointless.
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    I dont know if your still looking into this problem but after consulting my Boyfriend on this random subject he says to contact MONSTER CALBLE
    they have the best cables out there with the least resistance
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    Actually I'm making my own cables because they can be made cheaper than the cables that monster cable sells. What I've heard from the professionals is that the only area in which monster cable can't be beaten is in speaker wire.
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    If you're looking for "audiophile" quality wiring, you would probably be better off asking your question on an audiophile website.

    Personally, I've read the A/B/Y studies which show that gold-plated connectors, Monster cables, and all the rest do not contribute anything to the psycho-acoustic performance of a sound system. Those who claim to be able to hear a difference with gold-plated connectors, "uni-directional" copper wire, and other kinds of gimmicks are suffering from a financially disastrous example of the placebo effect.

    - Warren
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    if you think you'll get any factual information about audio cable on an 'audiophile' website think again. monster wire is ok even though it's very over priced for what it does. i look at it this way, the cable and bnc connectors for a 2ghz scope cost less than 1.5 feet of store brand rca cable and out spec the stuff in every way. with most audio cables your really just paying for looks and sometimes build quality. good does not have to mean expensive.
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    Les Sleeth

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    It just so happens I've been upgrading my system, including my wiring. I was using MITerminator 5's for my speaker wires and interconnects, but the new speakers I just acquired (Legacy Classics and B&W 620s for surround/center) need better wires. After much research and discussion with other audiophiles, I decided on Goerst Alphacore because they've gotten so much praise for the lowest inductance at a relatively low cost (which is still pretty darn expensive!).

    I bought them here:

    http://www.madisound.com/alphacore.html [Broken]

    They custom make them for whatever length and type of termination you want. As you can see, they also sell bulk cable and terminators. For my speakers I choose the Pythons, and for interconnects (when I save up enough money) I will invest in the one of the silver-type cables.

    I can report the difference to my speakers was incredible (and the MIT's aren't shabby). The sound stage opened up immediately, and much more detail made it through. I've only had them for a few days, so I am looking forward to their sound after they break in. Anyway, good luck.

    Here's another site with lots of neat audio tweaks:

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