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Analog computer

  1. Dec 9, 2006 #1
    I am instructed to design an analog computer to solve the following equation using 2 summing amplifiers and a integrator. I have attached a image of what I've done. I am seeking confirmation of my circuit or hint as to how to proceed.

    Thanks in advance!

    eqn: x' + 9x = 3

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    Thread moved to the Homework Forums.

    Can you describe your circuit some for us? Why are you adding in 3V before doing the differentiation? What is the overall feedback for? Is V1 meant to be both x and the 3V offset?
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    As I understand the process: solve for the highest derivative, so
    U1: x' = -(-9x + 3)
    U2: -x = Integration of x'
    U3: x = inversion of -x feedback to U1

    This was my implementation, I have also included a link to a pdf file I was using as reference [http://dcoward.best.vwh.net/analog/Aug00S&V.pdf] [Broken]

    Once again, Thanks
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