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Analog radio to cosmos radio

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    hello folks.

    1.its possible to change simple analog radio device (reciever) to cosmos radio waves reciever or just cosmos radio with relativy small price.

    if you know how please ilustrate it with images, thank you very much.
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    What's a cosmos radio? Do you mean Ratio Telescope? What frequencies are involved with your analog radio and whatever a cosmos radio is?

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    Yes ratio telescope; how to change radio device to ratio telescope , its only matter of antena or more ? frequences doesnt matter, let be default, just want catch a principle of changing one device to another.

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    What have you been reading so far about how radio teelescopes work and what they are used for? What can you tell us about those things?

    And the frequencies matter very much. There are certain frequencies that are used in radio astronomy, and many that are not. Please tell us which frequencies are the most important and why... :smile:
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    You can just detune your radio between stations (AM works better). A portion of the static you hear is the cosmic background radiation. So there you go, a cosmos radio!
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    Do you mean a radio telescope? :wink:
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    It's simply a matter of what you want to measure. If the experiment you want to attempt lines up with the spec's of a household radio then you can use it to conduct your experiment!

    Some things to keep in mind:

    The field was pioneered in the 30s by amateur radio enthusiasts in their backyard.
    Measuring some things, like the Sun or Jupiter, are relatively cheap and easy to do.
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    Oops, yes...o0)
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