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Analogous Hawking Radiation from Astrophysical Black Hole Accretion

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    Hi everyone

    Im trying to understand a paper(title of the thread)

    Just woundering what an acoustic black hole and acoustic event horizon would actually be?
    Is the Analogous Hawking Radiation just ascoustic osccilations in the Accretion matter? like the acoustic ossilation that are present in the CMB?

    Or is it something more complicated like black hole ringing, in which case do gravity waves come into play? they(the paper) never mention gravity waves so is it just ascoustic vibrations?

    If so how is this analogous Hawking Radiation?

    Interesting paper though ( i think)
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    The Simple Explanation

    25 wrote;
    “Is the Analogous Hawking Radiation just acoustic osccilations in the Accretion matter?”

    I would contend that acoustic oscillations are merely string/texture vibrations against the background vacuum energy.

    Its similar to the properties of acoustic wave propagation and epicyclic oscillations within certain tori objects.

    For a brief overview, see;
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    What do you mean by "string/texture"? (Just asking, not contesting).

    Most (I think) simply attribute the acoustics to properties of accretion matter based on size (mass) and energy. There is a good paper from 1997, before the "recent" famous detection, about what might cause and must be the source of BH acoustics. See:

    http://www.physics.wustl.edu/~visser/cqg-acoustic.pdf [Broken]
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    String/Texture Vibrations

    In my research;

    String/texture vibrations are “hypothetical” remnants (of Earth-mass size for each 90+/-cm of length) from the Inflationary Period of the Big Bang. They possess enigmatic gravitational fields (affecting 4-11 dimensions) which are electrical superconductors. You could call them “imperfections in the geometry of space”. They relate (and probably explain) the resultant evolution of the D-F string network in compact dimensions.

    The only reference “in peer-reviewed journals” I can find is in paper form. It is a document which comes close to explaining how I picture them;
    “Antigravity Beams from Cosmic Strings:
    T. Vachaspati, Physical Review D35, 1767, (1987).”
    Sorry, but there is not much on the Net I can refer you to. My Vacuum Heart Theory really needs a new language (not even Maths can explain it adequately). I hope this doesn’t all sound too “double-entendre like”…
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    im just glad someone finnaly replied
    didnt understand to much of your relpy Dogon but would love to get into some of that research your doing

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