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Analysis Book for Physicist

  1. Jun 2, 2012 #1
    I'm looking for an analysis book. I was recommended Rudin but it proved too difficult for me. I've heard Lang's "Undergraduate Analysis" is a pretty good textbook. I'm an undergraduate in physics so my math backround is more limited than that of a math undergraduate.
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    Do you have any exposure to formal proofs?

    If not, you may want an advanced calculus text like Spivak or Fitzpatrick.

    If so, try Pugh's analysis text.
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    I studied Calculus I from Spivak and Caclulus II from Marsden. Thanks mate :)
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    Pretty expensive for me right now (greek undergraduate :P)
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    If you look here:

    you will find some free books, one or more might be what you are looking for. The book by Ash has solutions to the problems, which may help. good luck.

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    I would suggest Serge Lang's Undergraduate Analysis. To be honest, i didn't study it, but I studied his Linear Algebra and his Undegraduate Algebra, and I found them to be extremely useful and throughly well explained (being understood that "well explained" doesn't necessarily mean "easy")
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