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Analysis of a frame

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    Hey i would really appreciate it if someone could help me with the load calculations in a chassis.
    The frame is basically a ladder frame, 2 C section side rails and cross members.
    Would like to know how the weight of the vehicle acting at the Cg gets distributed along the frame. And how does this weight effect the cross members.
    And apart from using an analysis software, how would i go about doing this.


    This is basically what the frame looks like
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    Almost 80 views and no replies??
    Considering the vehicle travels over uneven roads, thus causing one side rail to be lifted while the other remains the same, this would cause a torque or twist in the cross member.Any idea how i could go about calculating this??
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    the4thworld: You could assume the vehicle weight (multiplied by a dynamic amplification factor, daf) is distributed proportional to the distance of the CG from a member. Then you can draw a free-body diagram to analyze a particular member. However, your given question does not define where the vehicle weight would be applied to your four (or two) members, nor does it give dimensions, cross-sectional dimensions, material, wheel locations, nor daf.
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