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Homework Help: Analysis of a Moment! please help

  1. Oct 29, 2004 #1
    Analysis of a Moment! please help!!!!

    Please I tried for six hours to finish this seemingly easy problem yesterday I'm in dire need of help I've tried everything.
    Heres the Problem:

    Q: For the loading condition shown below, determin the force on bolt O knowing that the triangular bracket is held up by the fixed shelf on the lower part of the wall.

    (The value of F, is F=550 Newtons not 55 as it may appear in the picture.)
    also I eventually found that the correct answer is F total=1037 N, but I don't know how to determine it.

    Then found fx=275N and fy=-476 N from the componetns of f
    What I did was Sum the Moments first take the moment of O and the Moment of A, since B cannot support a moment I didnt have one there.
    so sum of M = M of o + M of A
    sum of M's= 312.5 NM = (fay x .4 m) - (Foy x .4m)
    and the
    sum of x's=Fox=275
    sum of y's=Foy=Ay-476
    which makes the components of F, Fx= -275 and fy=681, which results no where near 1037 N...

    I did somethign wrong I dont know what please help!!!! thank you!!!!
    any help is much appreciated!!!!!!!

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