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Analysis of single degree of freedom system using ANSYS

  1. Jun 13, 2013 #1
    I am trying to do a modal analysis of a single degree of freedom system.
    Here, in this system, a cylindrical mass is suspended between two O-rings (1 on each end).
    I want to capture the behaviour of this mass for various amounts of squeeze given to the O-ring.
    A separate cylinder is bored in to hold the O-ring. thus, there are two separate cylinders to hold the 2 O-rings. The O-ring is made of viton material.
    I have the experimental values of stiffness and material damping values for this system or the O-ring itself.
    Now, i want to input these stiffness and damping values in ansys for the O-ring and perform a modal anlaysis for this system.

    First, i would like to do a non-linear static analysis in ansys for this system and capture the deformation for the o-ring material itself. Then, i would like to use this result to do a modal analysis in ansys.

    Now, I would like to know whether this is a right approach towards the problem.

    I would want to know the suitable material model to be chosen to model the geometric non-linearity (a hyperelastic or a viscoelastic model). also, on what basis do these material models depend on (say mooney rivlin, yeoh model, ogden model)

    also, how can i input the damping ratio available through experiment into ansys workbench ?

    It would be of great help If you can answer to my query....

    Thank you
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