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Homework Help: Analysis of Turbojet Engine

  1. Sep 15, 2009 #1
    I have to derive an equation that determines the stagnation temperature at the turbine inlet for a turbofan engine, from some data that was measured during an experiment.

    The data I have:

    engine RPM
    Exhaust stagnation temperature
    fuel consumption

    I have done through a fair few derivations, but keep coming up with an equation that has a mass flow rate term. Of course, this isn't included in my data.

    Is there a way to work out the mass flow rate using only the information I have been given? Do I even need the mass flow rate, or is there a simpler way to work things out?

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    Hmmm, that seems very tricky. What is the difference between the stagnation temperature at the turbine inlet nozzle and the exhaust cone? The only work being done (assuming adiabatic) would be the work extracted by the turbine.

    That work goes into turbing the shaft, which would be accounted for by the RPM value. However, without a moment of inertia, I'm not sure you can get work done....

    Hmmm...I think you may need an additional piece of information.
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