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Analysis or algebra?

  1. Dec 14, 2007 #1
    I can't decide whether to take analysis or abstract algebra next quarter. I really enjoyed my proof-based linear algebra class, so I was wondering which class would be better to take afterwards. Or does it not matter which one you take first?
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  3. Dec 14, 2007 #2
    The one (or two) with the better professor.
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    I don't think it matters too much. Whichever one you take will me the next one easier. Some profs teach LA so that abstract alg. follows quite nicely afterwards, in which case maybe that would be a better choice.
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    Like the other posters have said, it doesn't really matter which course you take next. I can't remember which I took first: I may have even taken them at the same time.
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    I love abstract algebra!
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    i agree with mattmns. they are both important and you want to learn both as well as possible, and learn to like them. so try to get a good prof.

    they are also hard, especially analysis, so a good prof is doubly important.
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    A good book is important to: mathwonk's algebra book on his website is very good (imo better than beachy/blair or dummit/foote). Its free also. What could be better? I am trying to master it. For Analysis, although rudin is the classic, its not great for learning it the first time. I suggest Real Mathematical Analysis by Charles Chapman pugh.

    Also I believe the old saying: write 3-5 pages for every page you have read (maurice auslander I think said that)? That means for a 100 page book, you would write between 300-500 pages. This is to really master it.
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    as stated above, both are important subjects. You may find the Algebra class a bit more of a direct extension from your Linear Algebra class, however that is not to say it would be easier. You may fancy a change form Algebra for a bit and take the Analysis. Personally I have not yet taken Abstract Algebra (scheduling conflict for next semester) but I have just finished Real Analysis I, and I can say it was the hardest class I have taken but also the most rewarding and my favorite thus far (out of Calc I,II,III, Lin Alg, Num Theory, Diff EQ and Real Analysis I).
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