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Maple Analytic solution in Maple

  1. Apr 11, 2010 #1

    I have a question about integrating an numeric solution to a differential equation in Maple. I have solved a system of 3 odes:
    sol := dsolve({initial, syst}, func, numeric)
    syst := diff(OmegaLambda(x), x) = ode1, diff(OmegaK(x), x) = ode2, diff(lnH(x), x) = ode3.

    This then gives me analytic solutions as a function of x to the 3 odes and I can plot, say the third solution, by defining
    lnH2 := x-> rhs(op(4, sol(x)))
    and plotting lnH2.

    Now I want to integrate something that is a function of lnH2 with respect to x. However, I'm not sure how to do that. It doesn't seem to recognize that it is a function of x when doing:
    int(exp(lnH2), x = 0 .. p).
    It just thinks that exp(lnH2) is a constant.

    Does anyone know what the syntax is for integrating an numeric solution??
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