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  1. Nov 9, 2008 #1
    I will be picking my Spring courses on Monday and I just want to know which class you would recommend me taking first: analytical chem or physical chemistry? does it matter which I take first? I will have to take physical chemistry 2, so should I take physical chemistry first because of that? I'd really appreciate your opinion! Thanks.
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    I took Analytical Chemistry , however it really did not help with Physical Chemistry , the latter takes more time however the lab of the former is going to be more demanding. It may be better to take Analytical Chemistry since it involves a lot of review of General Chemistry.
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    I would say that Analytical Chemistry will not help in Physical Chemistry, while Physical Chemistry _may_ help in Analytical - depending on the syllabus.
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    If your school was like mine, PChem 2 was only offered in the spring so that the cohort could move smoothly through. If you didn't grab PChem 2 when you could, you had to wait a year for another chance. Analytical chemistry was offered more often. I would take PChem 2 as soon as you can after PChem 1. You can always get around to Analytical Chemistry...
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    I don't think it matters which one you pick first; these are two very different courses. In A.Chem, laboratory technique is very important and theory takes a back seat (or it should anyways...). P. Chem on the other hand is mostly theory and the lab (if one is even offered) takes a back seat. Apples and oranges, success in one probably has little to do with success in the other.
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