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Analyzing Dreams

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    I am torn wheather to post in the philsophy and other science but this seems the best.

    Ok here is what I would like to do, someone post a dream that they have had and then someone else analizes it and trys to define it's meaning or if they don't rember their dreams then they leave the floor open to another person to post a dream.

    OK i will go first: a lirrlte while back I had this weird dream where me and these other randomly genrated peple could like jumb or fly or something and we where gogin around the neighbor hood at aroun 12:00 and looking at houses and seeign which had like an open window or no lights on or something aloing those lines, and we found this one and we where going to rob it then some one pulled out of the houses drive way in a pickup but dident see us and thats all I rember.
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    it's almost impossible to interpret a dream without knowledge of a person's personality, history, what they ate for dinner, that sort of thing.

    in my last year of highschool i started doing very badly in physics (god forbid), one particualr day i went to have coffee with my friends and tried to explain to them how awful it made me feel, not just that i wasn't doing well but my love of physics was dying, they didn't understand/care. that night i dreamed of a boy who i was madly in love with but was dying, i tried to get my friends to help, or at least get some sympathy but they didn't understand/care. the next day a good friend pointed out the similarity between my dream and our conversation that day. she theorised that the boy represented physics to me, which was very wierd but made sense in the way dreams do. i felt very priviledged to know what kissing phyiscs, well a personification of it, felt like!

    i'd like to be able to interpret your dream, unfortunately i just don't know enough about what surrounds this dream, do you remember anything in particular that happened leading up to this dream, emotionally charged events, big changes?
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    This thread should be in the 'Mystics...' forum.
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