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Analyzing hip to waist ratio. Beauty with symmetry

  1. Jan 16, 2005 #1
    The ideal of everything in this world is it to be symmetrical as possible.

    The world could and can be explained by nothing but equation after equation, a harmonic balance between two different things.

    Everything in this world tries to be balanced. <-- (Loosely speaking that is. This is important!)

    Water always goes the path of least resistance. Potential energy to to kinetic energy, falling down at a constant rate of 9.8 m/s squared.

    E = mc^2

    My point is, I'm amazed that how everything can be balanced so perfect. Every field i've studied in, dabbed here and there in, from physics to eletricity, to every other field I've dabbed in, has several countless references to symmetry. I can easily distinquise what they mean.

    Beauty can be seen as a bunch of polygons as they approach infinity. At least this is the case in computer graphics. In some cases, as the polygons approach a finite number ( a very high finite number) the pixels get more spread out, and produces better graphics.

    I guess you can't really compare that to real life. But real life has alot of symmetry too.

    Beauty can be compared to symmetrical geometric figures.

    There is something in paticular. In a feminine figure , the hips curve. This is due to help aid childbirth during adolescent. Fat also produces around this area, giving a more padded cushioned, and yet curved, figure.

    There is something called a hip to waist ratio. It simply describes the symmetry of the hip to waist in a female figure, using 2 numbers seperated by a (:).

    I want more information about beauty with symmetry, all is helpful and I'll take anything.

    Thank you.
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