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Homework Help: Analyzing projectile motion

  1. Nov 14, 2004 #1
    Hey there, fellow physics fans!

    i was wondering if anyone is well versed in the language of projectile motion-

    i did this problem in which a projectile is fired from a plateau at a height of 150m above sea level, at a velocity of 320 m/s. it is fired from a distance of 8km away from the edge of a cliff that drops down 150m to the water. some crazy swimmer happens to be down there in the water training for the olympics, and the problem is to figure out how far away from the cliff he'll have to be so that he doesn't get bonked in the head by that projectile. using the height above the water and the initial angle of elevation determined from R=v0^2*sin(2*theta)/g, i keep coming up with a distance of approximately 300m, but i'm not sure if this is correct. what do you guys and gals think?


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