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Analyzing the bus

  1. Mar 12, 2008 #1
    I have noticed, that a graph of ingenuity as a function of the distance from the front of a bus full of seniors on their 3-day field trip to Eilat, behaves in the following pattern: The graph Starts out at relatively low (the driver is never too bright) and climbs in a parabolic fashion to reach a certain maximum (usually where teacher chaperons and programming majors sit), after which there is an inflection point followed by a sudden, severe, almost exponential drop of the graph which now strives for zero. It is noteworthy that as the graph progresses it's credibility drops, so much as that only assumptions based on observations from afar, can be made as to what really occurs at the back of the bus, since no-one has ever ventured that far before getting sent back.
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    you sit right behind the bus driver?
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    more or less
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    how old are you?
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