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Anaylatic questions

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    i will be needing to take a test in a university for an admission which will involve a lot of analytic questions can any one tell me how can i train my brain for something like this????????
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    Doesn't happen overnight It will probably take months and years to improve your analytical skills. The quickest way I can think of is solving lots of math or physics problems everyday.
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    oh i forgot to mention i will be taking that test about 11 months later that is quite some time right:smile:
    can you tell me about a web site on which i can train for this stuff why not throw some questions as well.
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    In my opinion, the best way to train your analytical ability is studying mathematics!
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    Define "analytic", either you should study philosophy or maths depending on what it means.
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    analytic questions are those in which you need to analyze the given data (which is most likely not in numbers) to give the answers unlike math problems you can not just use numbers and formulas to obtain the answers because there are none which makes me doubtful that doing maths will help here is a sample question.

    Some would have you believe that the economic problems of Western Europe in the 1980s were caused by the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) oil cartel. This is nonsense. After all, Great Britain was not dependent on OPEC oil and yet Great Britain suffered from the same economic problems that affected France and West Germany.

    The author's point is made primarily by

    A. Offering Great Britain as a counter example
    B. Analysing the economic difficulties of France and West Germany
    C. Pointing put a misconception of reasoning
    D. Proposing an alternative explanation
    E. Drawing an analogy between France and West Germany

    please let me know how i can train for such questions.
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    Start reading debate articles, join the more serious forum debates etc.
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