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Ancent peoples and theirs achievments.

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    Hey guys; if you would have to specify in which field ancient people for example Egyptians excelled what would be your answer?-of course monuments building in short architecture.How about ancient Greeks? mathematics maybe .Ancient Chinese?I don't know.Aztecs,Mayans,and others.
    Please let me hear your sugestions.
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    Greeks created politics . Romans developed Right...

    The reason to know what they created (egyptians, greeks, romans, persians) is that they were in Mediterranean, when our culture was born.

    Asiatic and Native-Americans are less known because they were isolated of us many time.
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    egyptians: geometry, surveying
    greeks: math
    romans: engineering
    chinese: EVERYTHING (just see Joseph Needham's encyclopedia)
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    The old saying 'Everything was invented in China' Rings true more often than not. Lao-Tzu and Confucious, gunpowder, crossbows, Sun Tzu's book 'The Art of War' (available at your local library) formed the backbone for all military thought therafter. (Tactics for the Attack on Pearl Harbour came straight out of that book).

    The Romans obviously had great engineers, they didnt invent the arch but they gave its knowledge to most of Europe and North Africa, they built lots of roads, started the rise of Christianity. The Roman military was the most Organized system of its time and after the Reform by Gaius Marius it was extremely effective and modern.

    The Greeks were accually many independant city-states, the most famous being Sparta and Athens. Athens was the first Democracy and Socrates, Plato and Aristotle have formed the backbone of western Politics and Philosophy. Aristotle personally tought Alexander the Great of Macedon (sort of greek) who went on to 'Conquer the World' (really just Greece to India). Possibly invented the Arch.
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    Don't forget music.
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    oh yeah, it was the pythagoreans with their harmonics & harmonic numbers. they considered it to be part of their math though. the rest were astronomy, geometry &.... number theory(?) I'd have to get a book out & check...
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    I guess they go hand-in-hand with them, math and music. I remember a long time ago Disney had this little special and it was Donald going back in time and the narrator taught him about the Greeks and what they did. Music and math was a big part of it.
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    Greece created the western music scale, China has its own, I think India does as well.
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