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"Ancient Aliens" does it again

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    I surf through Ancient Aliens every now and then and generally can't stand it for more than a minute or two, but I keep at it because every now and then they come up with something so outstandingly moronic that I practically fall out of bed laughing. I've posted a couple such on here.

    Recently I saw one where they were discussing a flying saucer. This one was absolutely priceless. It's been a few days so I don't remember the back story but I think this was one that the Nazi's obtained from aliens.

    The way it worked was that it had two large circular areas on the bottom which generated matter/anti-matter pairs of particles and the anti-matter particles just naturally migrated to the top of the craft and nullified gravity, thus allowing it to move in any direction with the greatest of ease.

    I swear I'm not making that up. In fact, I couldn't come up with the stuff they present if I tried.
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    I watched the two very first episodes, and that was quite enough for me :eek:. I did not dare to continue, I'd like to preserve my mental health as good as I can :smile:. Nazis + ufos are a great combo, though :DD.
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    History Channels --> ghost stories and aliens
    Science Channels --> goofy dreamers
    Nature Channels --> big foot

    Where's the Parapsychology Channel to interpret this audience demand?
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    You left out:

    Fox News Channel ---> made up stuff and outright lies [actually quite similar to Ancient Aliens, just more recent in context]
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    It must be a hoot producing those shows. I've seen one, apparently there are different species of visiting aliens. Not sure why those particular aliens teamed up with the nazis...did the show get into the alien politics.....hmmmm maybe they teamed up because of similar religious ideals, 'cause I don't think those aliens are Aryan decent (their heads don't meet the measured requirements, too big. and their eyes aren't blue). That kind of plot probably would have better suited the target audience demographic... Oh Snap!

    Joking aside there must be a term for this....watching stupid stuff because it's just so...odd. For example in the past I'd occasionally tune into an infomercial to laugh and mock, and have watched "the worst movie ever made" for the same reasons....maybe narcissism?
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    In an advanced, wealthy and leisure-oriented society, entertainment in general takes on a more central role. For instance, the preparation and serving of food takes on aspects of art and entertainment as much as it does economy, health and nutrition. It's only natural that science, history and nature be exploited for mysteries and esoterica that would entertain and briefly stimulate the bored, depressed, unemployed or unoccupied masses. In a world of too many ugly truths, well crafted lies may serve useful, necessary or beautiful purposes.
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    It's a show I find both hilarious and depressing. Its one great use is that it complies pretty much every logical fallacy into one convinient place for teaching.

    Now whilst it can charitably be called science fiction, it really isn't. It's entertainment/documentary on crazy beliefs. As such it's not suited to this subforum.
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