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Ancient Fermat's proof?

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    take a look at the University of Michigan Historical MATH cOLLECTION

    Autor Michael Angelo McGinnis
    Title Proof of Fermat's theorem

    is right this proof or not??
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    Do you have a link, or are we required to hunt this down on our own?
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    Thanks, but nothing came up. I just copy and pasted the author and title info. Are sure there are no typos in that info?

    EDi: Nvm, the author is listed by M.A. instead of Michael Angelo, that was the problem. Anyway, now to read it and and see if i can actually answer your question.
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    It's probably the proof of Fermat's little theorum or Fermat's 4n plus one theorum,not his last theorum.
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    is about last

    i think he's talking about last theorem because he mentions the Wolfskehl prize
    in the preface

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    Actually, they've got the first few pages in the archive and he is referring to Fermat's Last Theorum.
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