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Ancient inventors.

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    http://alexandrias.tripod.com/ctesibius.htm [Broken]

    Invented a water powered organ, a water pump and a clock

    Ctesibius (working 285 - 222 BC) of Alexandria was second only to Archimedes as an inventor and mathematician. His lost work on the elasticity of air On pneumatics still earns him the title of father of pneumatics, for the first treatises on the science of compressed air and its uses in pumps are his. Like all his other works, however, it has not survived. Even his Memorabilia, a compilation of his research, cited by Athenaeus, is lost.
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    I loved this sound effects invention!

    Used in Greek theater to announce the entrances and exits of the gods, the original thunder-making machine was invented by Heron of Alexandria in the first century CE. Pulling the lever opens a trap door which allows numerous brass balls to cascade down a series of shelves and onto a tin sheet. Originally made on a larger scale than the one shown here, Heron's thunder-making machine resonated with deep bass tones when the balls were released.

    From Smith Collage Museum

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    EMPEDOCLES OF ACRAGAS 495 - 435 bc.

    In order to explain changes in matter he posited a cohesive elemental matter
    of of wich all the world is composed, based on air, fire, water and earth.

    He formulated a theory of light, and said that colour is the sense produced by
    the light rays enteriing the eye.

    He invented a Clepsydra based on water pressure.

    It make me wonder who did invent the first, "clock".
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    The originator of the heavy metal band maybe :smile:
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    lol I bet it was very cool!

    I would consider the first clocks to be sundials. And I recall seeing a ancient water based clock years ago in Egypt. The Clepsydra must of been marvled at the time.
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    The early Hellenistic period - the first couple of generations after the founding of Alexandria, say - was a hotbed if new ideas. Not only Ctesiphon but Aristarchus who invented heliocentrism and attempted to measure the distance of the Sun (pretty inaccurately, alas), and Eratosthenes who measured the size of the Earth (quite accurately) and - this will be of interest to Marcus - invented rational cataloging. He was an early librarian of the famous Library. A few years later you got Hipparchos (planisphere/astrolabe), and Archimedes.
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    Hero of Alexandria. 1st century BC

    Invented the Aeolipile, a steam powered engine.

    Some of his work survive, Pnumatics and Automata, Mechanics, Metrics and Dioptra.

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