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Ancient Tibetan Monk mummifies himself without material aids

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    Has anyone heard about the Tibetan Monk who is remarkably preserved (mummified) without anyone mummifying him using material things e.g. bandages, ointments, removal of organs etc...

    He seems to be in a meditating position.

    A programme about it is showing right now on Channel 5 (UK).

    Has any1 heard about it?
    What do you think?
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    Yes, I saw the story on Discovery channel quite a while ago. He mummified himself by deep meditation, finally drinking very salty water that aided in the preservation by dehydrating and killing the microflora..
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    Silly duffer, wasn't he?
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    jimmy p

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    that was my dad.
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    I saw the program too on Discovery but I don't think there was any mentioning of drinking salty water. The conclusion drawn after carbon testing and consulting high ranking monk was that it was commonly for monks 1300(?) years ago to practise a kind of highly esoteric meditation for the sole purpose of dedicating the merit to the well being and the relief of pain and suffering of people. A truly altrustic act.

    There use to be hundreds of mummies like that in Tibet but they were all destroyed by the communists in China (together with over 6,000 libraries and not to mention numerous other monstrous act). The subject mummy manages to survive because it is located within the border of India.

    Namo Amitabha.
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    jimmy p

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    Didnt he eat tree bark from some kinda tree (well duh) that had natural preservatives in it?
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