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Ancient to Modern Mapping

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    I have been speculating that the ancients believed in eternal life or re-incarnation because when you fall asleep you never actually remember the point at which you actually pass out.......you just remember waking up.

    The ancients commonly believed certain gods had domain over natural elements such as a god of fire or water. The egyptian god amen is known as the hidden or divine principle, a somewhat intangiable omni-present relationship between all things, sort of holding them together.

    Are phycists who are searching for a unifying theory of space-time, looking for god?

    By the way, the great pyramid was built by floating the building blocks into place.....using the natural properties of water, barges and locks, I think they where in tune with nature.
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    where did you get the pyramids theory from?
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    where did you get the pyramids theory from?
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    www.thepump.org, it theorises that the chambers where a water pumping system, which is quite an interesting idea.

    In the UK, in my life time, ancient based measurements where(/possibly are) still being used. Engineering tools where made and refered too in a circular fashion, inches are based on the size of the earth and are a circular/fractional number system (1/4 inch cutting tool for example). Also, we have an extensive barge/lock system that was used to transport goods like coal during the industrial revolution. Egyptian influence?
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    In every society that had invented or inherited a system of recording data, astronomy has been an interest. The regular/irregular motion of the moon and the bright planets, and the yearly changes in the apparent path of the sun from horizon to horizon catch everybody's eye. You can do a lot in the way of analysis and forecasting by just making careful observations over long time (centuries) and recording your observations and comparing them with past ones.

    Certainly the Babylonians, Hindus, Chinese, and Mayas all did this, and stone circles in western Europe suggest that bronze age people of that area did it too. This activity is science to me, no matter wat social use was made of the results.
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