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AND and OR gates construction

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    So, this is the old way in how AND and OR gates are constructed based on transistors, I want a revolutionary way that AND and OR gates can be constructed based on light without anything software like if and else statements. Thanks fellow engineers
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    Good for you. Does that mean you're going to invent it? What research have you done on what exists?
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    Right, well if you can give me a lead on what have existed as a replacement for transistor that'll be cool :D

    P.S. Sure I'll take time to think about it = =
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    I don't think that it's possible to invent anything today without expensive labs and equipment. What Tesla did around 1900s is not possible today. I mean, inventing things with wire and ton of electricity.
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    Good. After you've thought about it and dome some reading, you can start a new thread and ask specific questions about things in the reading that you didn't understand. This thread here where you have shown zero effort so far is closed.
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