And GD falls silent

  1. JamesU

    JamesU 713
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    and GD falls silent....

    Nnobody's posted in GD for over an hour! :surprised what is wrong with you peple?!
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  3. i just did
  4. Is there any way i can steal your buddies to use on my E mail?
  5. Pengwuino

    Pengwuino 6,942
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    grrr someones talken again...

    yomamma... are you a guy or a girl... *readies his bat*... because itd be wrong of me to.... well....
  6. do you ever sleep yomamma?
  7. i talked with yomamma over msn for the first time last night
    i told him he was a crazy kid
    he replied thanks
    however, i believe that after yomamma i am the second-crazy kid on GD :smile:
  8. no its me :tongue2:
  9. JamesU

    JamesU 713
    Gold Member

    me crazy :smile:
  10. you smell, so we were waiting for you to go away.....too bad that will never happen :rofl:
  11. JamesU

    JamesU 713
    Gold Member

    I knwo, I will never smell :|
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