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And God said ?

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    And God said .... ?


    I was sent this e-mail of a really interesting postcard that has this really long equation on. However, the quality of the postcard is terrible and I cannot make out most of it, so I was wondering if anyone knows of a link, or has the equation written down that they could send/link to.

    The picture is attached.

    Thank you in advance to any helper.


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    That's not a really long equation. It just a random collection of equations.
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    And it's not even funny.
    The usuall t-shirt has maxwell's equations
    (I'm not even going to start trying to get the html right -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maxwell's_equations)
    and "then there was light.."

    Since maxwell's 4 equations describe all of electromagnetism - which includes light
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