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Andre banned?

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    I noticed Andre was banned? Erm, what was that about? I don't remember any anger issues or him ever even getting off the subject of paleoclimate very much at all except in entering in a few of the PF Photo competitions and chiming in GD once and a while.

    That does also remind me of something John Taylor Gatto said:
    But I digress,

    The Earth science board really can't lose Andre, he is the major catalyst of— my favorite board in the forum.

    Why is it my favorite? It's the only one where there isn't "an answer." If we're helping a student with a calculus problem in another part of the forum, it's the elders trying to teach the young the traditions of the tribe—there is already a long established answer. In the Philosophy boards there are definitely not... any answers, but Earth is where it is highly techincal with the most citation-laden discussions in the forum, due to the nature of the talk, the scientific-argumentative discussion. See what I'm trying to get at? Earth is a tiny part of the forum, and I think Andre, Pythagorean, Bystander, Skyhunter and I are the only "regular" posters, but I really like it, and I really like Andre. So. You know. Don't get rid of that forum and don't get rid of Andre :smile:
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    Mk this is being discussed and handled. We'll have an update as soon as we can. Thanks!
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