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ANDREA: Plant-based Air Purifier

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    This is outrageous. $200.00 for a small plastic plant pot with a tiny fan. Doesn't even include the plant. Has no air filters, nothing.



    WTH is a foccie? Is that a dyslexic office?
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    I was under the impression plants weren't very efficient at this sort of thing?

    The plant can only process a certain amount, sticking a fan in isn't going to make it magically process more CO2 and give you cleaner air.
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    That's not about just CO2. I recall reading that back in the times of the leaded petrol trees planted on the sides of the road were substantially slowing process of lead contamination of the surrounding terrain. No idea about exact mechanism. I guess that's the idea behind the device. But I agree with Evo, it sounds ridiculous.
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    Dang plant huggers, no wonder my computer fan cost a fortune. I shudder to think what it will cost to put a catalytic converter on my grill this summer.
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    I can't believe more people haven't realized this is just a potted plant...without even the plant!!!!!
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    In the case of lead from petrol fumes, it settles into the soil where it can be taken up by fast-growing, "thirsty" trees. This is done however, using their extensive root system, not their leaves for the most part. So, you're right, and you're right!
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    Any time I find myself in that state of incredulity you seem to be experiencing (it stinks I know)... I say two words out loud, and EVERYTHING becomes clear... and calm.

    Pet. Rock.
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    I'd rather have the rock than a house-plant in a $200 enclosure.
  10. Feb 1, 2011 #9
    Yeah, but the principle is shockingly similar. I mean, plants, AFAIK grow like weeds! :uhh: So you can just fill your place with the darned things!

    Rocks are also readily available, and between some pots, fans, nail polish, glue, and googly eyes... you have the makings of a fortune based on fools.

    After all, the time and effort needed to produce and market pet rock was absurdly low... here you DO have a valid place to plant something, and a fan. It's a stupid concept, but it actually DOES something given the chance.

    A pet rock... my god, is there ANYTHING that just screams, "kill me, I'm tired and lonely... my only friend is Rocky Balboa II... kiiiilllll mmmmeeeeee..." :approve:
  11. Feb 1, 2011 #10
    I'd prefer the rock, but for $200 I'd want it to be solid gold.
  12. Feb 1, 2011 #11


    Will this suffice? It's not exactly a ROCK however...
  13. Feb 1, 2011 #12
    Hmm, gold coloured, glowing, inspires awe/fear in those who view it.

    Yep, that would be just fine. I'll take two.
  14. Feb 1, 2011 #13
    Well, to be fair, in the context of the show it also brings death and misery to all who hold it... and you're a nice guy. So... eh. :wink:
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