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Andrew Binns intro

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    Hi i have an interest in gravity, space, and general developments.
    Background in in Telecoms and IT to management level. I Operate out of own business providing information solutions of various kinds from data collection, processing to visualisation.
    I always had an interest in electronics as a teenager - built my first synth when I was 13 and my first computer (Nascom) when I was 18. At the time I coded in op code as we didnt have an assembler. So we could create apps in 1KB of PROM. In telecoms I started in an apprentice role till 20 then moved into head office role sorting out logic circuitry issues.at 23 I became the incredible 'No' man and rejected (for good reasons) a project that would have put Broadband (spread spectrum system) into every persons home in the UK creating a pre WWW web for all. Subsequently worked for a company that put super nodes in US, Europe, etc and building global services based on Internet. Now moving onto more interesting things - writing SF, producing music and some occasional client DB/visualisatoin projects.
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