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Android vs IOS

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    This topic's been widely debated but I don't think its been satisfyingly concluded.Personally, I believe that Android is by far the superior but I'd love to hear your arguments.
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    I don't do Mac, cost too much. But I do love that they say "OS", like they have the only operating system.

    As for differences, "what works for you?" is the gold standard.
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    In these types of businesses there is only one objective ; to own the phone market there is only room for one winner, you'll see that if you search for stats, the stats always seem to favour IOS but in my opinion IOS is a highly simplified version of what should be termed sophisticated software and I believe its taking away from the value of such software and technology.The reason most people choose IOS is not because of the quality of the software but because of the expensive casing and high "fancy" prices the software requires since all apps have got to be bought.NO- in my opinion IOS is cheap software with expensive casing, whilst android has more substance to it.
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    And for most people, a question about their OS would get a "huh?" in reply.
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    Android is a lot more customisable but due to that it is a lot less stable. When is he last Tim you heard that an app crashed on iOS. Android though let's youbdo a lot more stuff like use controllers not enforced by the company unlike apple which imposes mfi controls on their users
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    Very, very true but I'm pointing out that the system for IOS is very, very simple and that is one of the main reasons apps don't crash on ios.
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    IOS is more expensiveso people assume it is superior. IOS is a lot safer since hacking an iOS devices is a lot harder than doing so on an android due to apples restrictive nature.
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    Summary: Android is better if you're poor
    At the risk of sounding clichè, I'll say this: 'It depends.' Because of course it does! Let me pose a logical sequence of thought. Beginning on the assumption that iOS is strictly confined to Apple devices, (I know it is not, but for the sake of argument, let me say that it is), it is an incontrovertible fact that Apple devices are extremely, perhaps even exorbitantly expensive, for, say, a relatively poor teenager in Asia. Take the same devices and put them in front of a richer child in the United States, and you will probably find that the expense is not as large of an issue. In the end, all that matters really is personal preference. Android has very many options; so does Apple. A new Apple device doesn't have as many prices as a new Android one would, though it may be better.
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    What exactly is the VALUE that you refer to? What does Android do that iOS doesn't? Remember that the shoe needs to fit the foot, not the other way around.

    BTW, I have both an android tablet and an iPhone, and I'm frankly struggling to find uses for the tablet. (Can't return it.) Advice would be appreciated.
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    I agree, what is important is that one finds the phone for their needs. As to what Android does that iOS doesn't...well, it comes in an incomparable amount of variety, and in many cheaper options for [close to] the same performance. The virus and crashing simply comes as a result of the need to slightly reduce performance in order to match costs. However, apps crash on iOS, too, it isn't an impenetrable fortress.
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    And how many people think that this is a fair tradeoff? Is the money you save worth having your data stolen?
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    I do. For the simple fact that I'm poor. Okay, that was mostly just for humor, but I've never had a problem with Android. Perhaps that is because I don't run graphic-intensive games. I mean, Samsung and Apple are a lot alike, and Samsung can be said to be Apple's counterpart, but what people forget is that there's dozens more companies that use Android, not just Samsung, meaning dozens more options, so even though Apple may be good, you have to admit it doesn't give you a lot of options device or pricewise.
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    The cost of the service is much more than the cost of the phone, so skimping on the hardware doesn't have much payoff. And Apple products tend to stay in use longer, so I don't think you are saving any money in the long run. Also, what is your time worth? Getting the answer a few seconds faster can be worth a lot in a work setting.
  15. Aug 16, 2017 #14
    True, unless you live in, let's say Africa, then, for the most part, a few glitches won't bother you much. Apple products are generally, generally, stable, but since iOS is purely an Apple thing, it's mostly restricted to America.
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    Let's stick with the shoe analogy. If you could save $200 by always wearing shoes that were two sized too big, would you do it? You can "prove" that the shoes do all the same things.
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    Alright, the shoe analogy. Providing three examples, there's the first, which you have said. But the second is this: Let;s say you could get a nice-fitting, comfortable pair of shoes for a lot of money, but they can only be worn with a pair of really expensive socks, and only that type of sock, while you can choose, perhaps a little worse quality shoes, but with time you can grow comfortable with them, and you can use whatever type of sock you want with them. Or let's say you can buy a very nice-looking pair of black formal shoes, but that are extremely expensive, and stiff, or you could settle for a little leakier, but still nice, shoes, which you could run, jump, relax, program...oh wait..anyway e.t.c.
    So if you insist there must be one and only one winner: it's impossible. If there was, Either Apple or the thousa...okay maybe not thousands, but dozens of Android phone manufacturers would be bankrupt. And that's obviously not going to happen soon. Regardless of that fact, if Apple were to reduce their prices and open up iOS to non-Apple devices, it would probably trump Android. No pun intended.
  18. Aug 16, 2017 #17
    What are the "really expensive socks" in your analogy? Software? A case? All the support devices I can think of cost the same for both formats. And who is saying that android shouldn't exist? I just wish it did more useful things.

    My iPhone can play back 4K video. The android tablet I got at the same time can't even play 2k files smoothly. This is a BIG difference in performance. And you aren't saving the money you think you are. I get new iOS devices every 4 years on average, and they all still work today.
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    There are several companies with a reasonable market share, and it has been this way for quite some time. There is clearly room for many winners.
    Which "stats?
    What does that mean?
    Do you have a reference for that claim?
    The second claim is simply wrong. There are many free apps for iOS. In general, things that are free for Android are free for iOS and vice versa, and the big apps are produced for both.
    I don't think that is how you should choose a phone. Don't choose an operating system and then pick a specific phone. Pick phone and operating system at the same time.
    Why? In particular, what about Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan?
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    Fervent Freyja

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    Apple has more consumers outside the US than within...

    You might want to be careful with all your talk, as you are coming off as a newbie troll.
  21. Aug 17, 2017 #20
    clear stats:https://9to5mac.com/2017/02/15/samsung-loses-market-share-to-apple-in-q4-2016/
    "The way Apple works is through exclusive PR. By owning an iDevice, you're owning something exclusive and luxurious. That's what Apple try to do and do well. Apple haven't gone into many markets. They're in the hand-held music player, phone, tablet, laptops, desktop computer and a few other markets which are all within the personal tech industry. Apple focus on first-world countries because the expensive price is unattainable to developing nations. Like above, Samsung has the edge here "
    It means apple likes to make their software appear so simplified, and they make the general layout of the software so easy to understand that even children are taking to handling apple devices with relative ease, in my opinion its disgusting because it under-appreciates the hard work that a programmer took to make those apps just so they can make it appear easy and simple such that users end up taking applications and software for granted. I've heard of user friendly but apple just takes it past explicitly unacceptable boundaries. The only reason most people buy the gadgets is I quote from my siblings peers and family , "because samsung is just over rated apple is for rich people." Do you know portable computers were originally made for professionals like engineers that needed the extra processing speed on the go and now people are buying ios software with multiple core processors and large rams to do what.To look nice in your hand.And I know that many people will say its they're choice but i believe its giving a false image of the beauty technology holds.I vote android simply because it is way more diverse than any ios devices that require you to constantly buy rather than make or create, ios hinders the diversity that technology should have because many of the new advancements in technology come from different people all over the world but no, ios does not believe in allowing the user to create or upgrade for themselves.
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    I used apple and samsung as examples because they are the leading ios and android companies respectively.
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    Two companies compete over the market share, and they have some fluctuations in how much they sell. What exactly is clear here? Apple tends to release new products in late summer, it is not surprising that they sell more in Q4. The article is not even about operating systems, it is about units sold for two companies.
    That... doesn't make any sense.
  24. Aug 18, 2017 #23

    (First of all I am terribly sorry it is over-sized as i do not know how to resize it and please excuse the statement at the top for the purpose of this post.)
    Take a clear look at the two devices and ask yourself this question:
    If I was a baby which would I run to?
    The answer is pretty obvious is it not?
    Well that is exactly what I was going for, you have one operating system design that displays the sophistication of software and another that goes straight for colourfull rainbows and simple to understand directives, if you're still not convinced notice the button arrangement at the bottom of the two phones.

    Looks like a familiar pattern does it not?
    Then diving into the software itself
    check this out:https://www.howtogeek.com/217593/android-is-open-and-ios-is-closed-but-what-does-that-mean-to-you/
    What i was also trying to point out is that android is more creatively driven than ios. This means android allows you to do WAY more things than ios would ever allow you to do.Now, I know this has some advantages such as increased security but come on people, you cannot do anything other than a fixed set of uses on an iphone- fine, if you only like to use your phone to please the eye and go on instagram then android will never win this battle but once you consider that software is rapidly improving not due to one specific company or individual(s) but due to the combined effort of a multitude of programmers and creative users all over the world- then ,and only then, will you realize android is the way forward.
    And that is why I do not understand your question @Algr
    Oh and by the way @Fervent Freyja leave infinity0 and let him be- his posts are an excellent example of exactly the type of responses ios (more specifically apple) are encouraging and exactly what we should consider when deeming the better operating system.:wink:
    Hay and all you apple fans don't keep quite - bring forth your valid arguments without hinderance keeping in mind that this argument involves both sides of the coin .
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    Those stats were to try and help us understand that the greater public are generally leaning towards ios devices and the percentages clearly show the drop in sales android(samsung) has experienced over the last year, it may be about phone units but the battle between ios and android is often represented using the two leading android and ios companies namely samsung and apple, I am sorry for the inconvenience I have caused by explaining afterwards and i greatly appreciate the clarification your question has brought to the argument.
  26. Aug 18, 2017 #25
    So... the programmers should make the phone harder to use so that we appreciate the programmers more? Actually Android programming makes me appreciate iOS programmers.

    I've asked you before to tell us what these things are that Android can do and iOS can't. Your only response was to go on about how the phones were cheaper. You also ignored my question about what the socks in your analogy were supposed to represent.
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