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I Andromeda's image

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    Hi everyone. The next link shows how the Andromeda should look like (from the Earth's surface) if its stars were much more brighter than they are (or if we could have a super-vision).
    It seems so amazing as I couldn't even imagine how close the Andromeda is to us.
    However, I'd like to verify this info (as I don't know the credibility of this site).
    What's your opinion??? Do you agree with this image???
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    It looks reasonable to me, but I don't know if this an 'artists impression', or has somebody processed a real photo with the pixel brightness exaggerated,
    Either way it's art rather than actual science, I like it though, and I wouldn't say it's misleading
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    George Jones

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    This seems reasonable to me. The Moon's actual image is a lot smaller than image that most of us have in our mind's eye. The full moon only subtends about 1/2 of a degree, and Andromeda is a few degrees in image size.

    Are you familiar with the two stars (separated by 5 1/2 degrees) in the Big Dipper that point to the North Star? On moonless nights I sometimes ask friends "How many full moons will fit between those two stars?" A typical response is "about four", which isn't close to the correct answer, "eleven." When we can't see the Moon, we think the Moon is bigger than it actually is.
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    If you read the text you'll see that the artist took a typical image of Andromeda and added it to the original photo, but in an appropriate scale (i.e. 3 times wider than the moon is).
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    Yes, I discovered that after my previous post, it seems to be a pretty good idea for a way of doing this image with fair accuracy.
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    a complete artists impression of the galaxy .... it looks nothing like that through a scope
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    Yes, it looks nothing like that through a scope with your eyes, but it looks like a photo to me.
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    I think that the artist used this photo:
    This photo is just flipped, rotated and scaled. (I can't find how this Andromeda's photo has been produced but it seems to be a combination of different captures through a telescope, as the several "circles of views" depict.)
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