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Anger management

  1. Feb 15, 2007 #1
    Ok I've noticed I'm in a foul mood recently, I have a touch of asthma, which means I'm irrational anyway, and I have SAD, worst time of year for me - medicated and treated - but any hints to stop me just going nuts?

    I ranted about Israel for 10 minutes earlier, and I know the situation is hard, it was just anger, and not directed at anyone except er someone?

    What do you do to get over your periods where you are just angry and looking for a punching bag, I should be used to this by now, and in the main I'm quite reasonable but, sometimes I just want to grrrr:mad: :devil:

    Any tips and tricks?:smile:

    Bear in mind I'm not on the same planet as anyone else at the moment, one minute I'm laughing the next I'm crazy.
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    Well silly as it sounds why don't you get a punching bag or do some physical activity. It releases hormones which help calm and soothe you in some way that Moonbear will allude to being all biological and that. Certainly helps me :smile:
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    Good advice, I have a very physical job so I'm often tired, and of course during the winter I really can't be assed to leave the house, it's strange but it's wet and dark and I feel like I can't go out or just don't want to, so I guess any physical activity will help particularly if it's aggressive and indoors, duh moment for me :smile:

    Think bear hibernating, even with the meds and the lightbox, it's not quite summer.
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    Ever tried any creative pursuits such as painting, learning an instrument or writing? All I can suggest is anything that can occupy the brain for an hour or so a day. Considering your job is quite physical and I admit going out in winter for a run in england is not a pleasant thought so something creative and involving may be the answer.
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    I'm also in bad mood those days, and Kurdt gave you all the advices I use so I can't give any which p***** me off :mad: :grumpy: :devil: :cry:

    No, never mind, I'll just repeat that, some physical activity plus some creative activity is a lot of help, and try to find situations which make you laugh, it physically helps as well (this sounds stupid I know, but it does work on the long run). Take a of shot Monthy Pythons every day for instance :wink:
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    Hmmm. Hadn't noticed. :biggrin:

    When I was a teenager - (High School) I used to punch things - like trees, brick walls, concrete, floors - and now and then would manage to put my fist through a wall or in one case a chalkboard. Fortunately, as a result, people left me alone - even bigger kids.

    I finally decided about 16 that I needed to get it under control or go live in the mountains or forest. So I engaged in productive physical activities, e.g. football (soccer), bicycle riding, running, . . .

    I also learned and practiced meditation.

    By the time I got to university, I was pretty mellowed out. I continued running - several miles - and played football. A friend suggested rugby, but in my case it would have been counter productive. My friend used to come back to the dorm room with scratches, bruises, torn clothes, and some people would get broken bones.

    Later during university years, I worked as a plumber and then iron worker, which was for me the best time. Working outside in all kinds of weather and up high on the iron, where I could work alone, was pure joy - some of the best times of my life.

    In grad school, I started Tae Kwon Do, but had to stop because of work schedules. I later took it up again as an adult and with my kids. I've also done a little Kempo/Kung Fu. The work outs are really great.

    I still have a reputation as being mellow or laid-back - but in a pinch I fight like a wolverine. :biggrin:
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    The suggestion to get some exercise is a good one. It's a hard one to force yourself to do when you feel sluggish, but I suspect that inactivity only worsens those blahs and irritability. In other words, it may not cure it, but it might lessen it a bit. Maybe take your dog out to play fetch or for extra walkies. He'll love it, and it should help cheer you up too.

    What about fresh foods? I've been making an extra effort to keep fresh veggies in the house, even if they are pretty expensive this time of year, and seem to be feeling better than I usually do by this time of the winter. And, milk...when you don't get out in the sunlight, you don't make much of your own vitamin D, so maybe you're getting a little deficient in that too. Vit D enriched milk might help. None of these suggestions are based on scientific studies, by the way (there might be evidence for it if I looked, but I don't know if there is). It's just a list of things that seem to me to be different between summer and winter aside from the hours of daylight, and that I thought might exacerbate the winter blahs, even if the lack of daylight is the root cause of the problem.

    Being social can also help. I think everyone tends to just want to go home and get warm again in winter, so people don't spend so much time heading out and visiting with one another and just being social. I know that can impact my mood, and just one night out with friends can go a long way toward keeping me in a good mood for the week.
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    :rofl: :rofl: :tongue2:
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    Schrog, besides the advice already given, buy a cheap electric guitar, an even cheaper amp, plug in, and start jumping around the room while playing Slayer tunes. :devil: :cool:

    Worked in my case some time ago.
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    My suggestion is to sleep. Lay down during the day and relieve stress. Of course nothing gets done, but at least you feel better!
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    Ivan Seeking

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    In case you missed it in the favorite quotes thread, here is one solution.

    When I'm in a bad mood, a change in the routine helps. I might get out and do something physically demanding, which includes pretty much anything that needs to be done around here, or, if I'm not facing an immediate work deadline, I might just take an afternoon off and play on the internet. And, truthfully, I find the UFO sleuthing to be a nice diversion. There is no end of interesting stories, and trying to separate the wheat from the chaff is no small challenge.

    One favorite release was always high speed, dirt-rode driving [trucks] and desert riding [motorcycles], but that was before I had any sense. :biggrin: I can’t afford to risk the injuries any longer
  13. Feb 16, 2007 #12
    Thanks for all the advice.

    Day off work today, woke up this morning with really bad asthma so work is a no no, and so is physical activity, I feel like I just went on a run anyway so probably best to take it easy. When I was a teenager I generally just cried alot and retreated into my shell, it actually wasn't as bad although I think that was just because feeling like crap is par for the course for being a teenager. Anyway I feel somewhat better emotionally this morning so hopefully a bit of sunshine and maybe I'll walk the dog later when I'm feeling less drained.

    Uncanny though with the asthma, you can actually predict the exact month your going to suffer from it, still doesn't really prepare you for it, I had the heating on full blast this morning and I still ended up with my breakfast in a bowl next to my bed:yuck: :frown:

    Anyway, feeling a bit light headed now and strangely a bit euphoric, probably the asthma medication, think I'll take it easy and have a wander round PF. :smile:

    You should of seen my rant on Israel and Palestine before I deleted it :smile:

    Anyway that'd be the years of being used to it.

    Very good for the insomnia, I do relaxation techniques generally as it's a bit hard to meditate unless your somewhat calmer, I tend to do it on the way to work in the morning, helps with the asthma too, or at weekends I just get plastered friday/sat, has about the same effect :smile:

    I'm the same: very very long fuse but when I go don't be anywhere near the blast radius. :eek: :biggrin:

    :rofl: that's funny, I think mindlessly killing animals is a bit cruel, but I'll bear it in mind :wink: :biggrin:

    Angel of Death maybe?

    Couldn't hurt :smile:

    Plenty of fresh fruit, and drinking orange juice also, Vitamin deficiency is suggested as one of the reasons for the depression so probably an idea to take a supplement, Might get some Cod liver oil supplement, contains omega 3 as well as Vitamin D and A, the omega 3 oils are meant to help with depression(they make the brains synapses more flexible, something like that) Read that in a recent study.

    Apparently in Canada they fortify the milk with D, also I would imagine the light box is of a wavelength where Vit D is produced but I'm not sure?

    At this time of year once I do get off to sleep I find it hard to get out of bed of a morning, particularly when it's dark outside; my snooze button has actually malfunctioned because I use it so much,not joking,seriously it's on it's way out:bugeye: :smile: before I was medicated I could quite happily sleep 12-13 hours a day. Just like being a bear :grumpy::mad:
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  14. Feb 16, 2007 #13
    Go to a tanning booth, find one with a HotBed. The light and heat do wonders for me. I use sunblock when I go, so I dont actualy get very tan. But it really improves my mood.
  15. Feb 16, 2007 #14
    I think the light box does that already, although you can't beat the real thing? Good idea though, but it probably works out cheaper in the long run to just buy a light box, and the bulbs are special ones that last for ages, although there about 100 pounds for 4, at least they last though.
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