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Anger management

  1. Aug 19, 2008 #1
    The people in my household are unfortunately either incompetents, idiots or both. This results into me getting very angry all the time. Living with that level of mediocrity of mind is very frustrating. I know getting angry this often is unhealthy for me and unpleasant for everyone around me. When you get angry, even if justified, how do you calm yourself down?
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    LOL @ underlined.

    Ignoring them sounds like best quick solution.
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    I too live in a house with some of the above people's, who I call friends. Sometimes it just gets to be too much. At that time, I either get away (go out) or just avoid the house for a while.

    Also, this year I have a heavy bag, that I still need to hang in the basement. I think it should help, I just need to make sure to use the right form so I don't hurt myself.

    Edit: I hope these people aren't your family...
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    good advice in those two posts---

    --anger can (but not exclusively) rise out of frustration---from not understanding or not feeling like one is being understood or appreciated----at the moment.

    sometimes walking away can allow for a time to see the other's viewpoint more clearly (to see where they're coming from)---whoever feels 'justified' is the one that feels they are 'more' right than the other
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    Same thing here, but we love each other anyway.
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    You need to realize that Werg actually lives alone, and has deep, deep self-esteem issues.

    Hang in there, Werg!
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    The nice thing about it is---everyone ---EVERYONE-----is ignorant about at least one thing----(there's just different ways to handle it)

    One of many examples---I used to get whacked on the knuckles (when I turned to look/talk to someone behind me) in this one class by this one teacher----(I guess that made him angry)

    (I learned the specific rule in that specific class of that specific teacher)

    Ohh--I just remembered----one day he hit a little harder than usual, and it caught me off guard----

    I yelled out 'you SOB'-----

    when I looked up--what was really strange--was that he was half chuckling under his breath----

    the next day, one of the other students handled me a two inch section of the 'rod' he used---he must have got it and cut it up-
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    You can always take it as a lesson to learn tolerance and patience. If you ever have children, remember they grow up to be teenagers, which are both incompetent AND idiots.


    Anger at these people may at times seem to be justified, but being angry at these people may also be a "control" issue. Learn tolerance. There will always be idiots in life.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Just get your own place, Werg.
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    *Wouldn't* help him. I saw his thread about trouble with the employer few weeks back.
    Two problems are linked!

    You use too many "---" :rofl:.
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    How so? He used "--" 3 times; "---" 4 times; "----" 5 times, and "-----" 2 times. Everyone is ignorant about something and I admit I'm ignorant about the usage of dashes. Why is 4 times too many for "---" while 5 times isn't too many for "-----"?

    Edit: Oh, wait, now I see where you're coming from. If you include his first post, his usage is 4, 8, 5, and 2. Eight times is definitely too many. He substituted a "-----" for some of those "---".

    Re-edit: Still, you don't know what his usage will be after his next post. Everything could balance out. Or he could go into a rage and start using "&%*@" everwhere he was using dashes.
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    Learn to laugh at idiots, incompetents,...:biggrin:
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    I rarely get mad atleast compared to other people. If you ask people I know if they've seen me angry, they would say no.

    But then again, people don't like the fact that I'm ok with everything.

    Note: I did get pissed when I found out a reporter when to ask the family of the victim of the Greyhound bus for any thoughts on the matter. It was the most inconsiderate thing I've seen in my life, and if I had a bat and was in that location, it would be dirty. Reporters need to have some decent respect. Wait a year before something that big, not freaking 2-3 days.
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    That's why I got my own place. No more idiots peeing on my sandles for me!
  18. Aug 22, 2008 #17

    were you wearing them at the time?
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    When someone pisses me off I manage my anger right into their face. With a hammer.
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    (four characters)
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    That reminded of me this movie :rofl:


    He carries his hammer everywhere .. =)
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